quick Letter About Who We are

Hi There

We are a loosely affliliated group of people that have been working on Housing in the Portland Maine region for about two years.  As a direct result of needing to accommodate tenants as a result of the 2019 Federal Government Shutdown we decided we needed to do two things:

1. Try to pull together in one spot the number of people who need assistance in order to understand how many and what resources to pull together.

2. Funnel all the people who need help into one spot for efficiency and ease 

We hope that this website will be shutdown as soon as possible.  This is just a temporary effort to help people in this immediate crisis.  As such it will be evolving and changing!

In the meantime please send this around to anyone you know that might need help and don't hesitate to contact us!  

Thank You!

Representative Victoria Morales of South Portland

Avesta Housing

Southern Maine Landlord Association

Redfern Properties